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Playing in the waves.
 Rates & Terms 
Competitive Rates

We set our rates to "Keep the Inn full".  This is why we enjoy an unprecedented year-round occupancy of 83%, and average 53% repeat Guests!  We provide you a unique vacation experience as, unlike our competition, we have 16 Condos directly on the beach.  Each with a full Gulf view.  Also, our Gulf-side Deck air temperatures are moderated by the Gulf water temperature, making the air warmer in winter and cooler in summer, for a more enjoyable stay.

Often when Guests arrive, they will say: "After we pay our balance, we want to give you a deposit for our next stay".




Daily: 1 & 2 Nights

Daily: 3 to 6 Nights

February 1 thru April 30




May 1 thru August 14




August 15 thru December 22




December 23 thru January 3




January 4 thru January 31




 Rates are for 1 or 2 persons.
 Rates are per nights stayed in one specific Condo.
 Each additional person per night $14.00.
 Extra days prorated at Weekly Rate.
 Other rates and restrictions may apply to certain Holidays & Special Events.
 Rates exclude Local & State Taxes (12.0% added to Rate).
 25% deposit ($200 minimum) due within 7 days; balance due at Check-in.
 Visa & Mastercard -- business & personal checks, Travelers Checks & cash accepted.
 February and March: one week minimum (Arrive & Depart on a Saturday).
 10% Discount on booking of 4 weeks or longer in the same Condo.
 Rate FIRM once deposit received (even if 365 days in advance).
 Rates subject to change without notice (if no deposit received).
 Cancellation -- Deposit returned (less $25 Administrative Fee) if reserved time re-rented at same Nightly Rate.
 We reserve the right to change Condo assignment.
 Check-in Time: 4:00PM (earlier if available).
 Check-out Time: 10:00AM.
 All condos NON-SMOKING!
Save Money!

We adjust our Rates once yearly in the third week of September.  If you place a deposit on a future stay prior to the Rate change, your booking is "locked-in" at the old Rate!  Bookings may be made up to one year in advance. 


If the days you want are not all available in one Condo, consider reserving two Condo's; example: 6 days in one and 4 in another (moving is easy ... some Guests do it to obtain the days wanted).  Plus, a little variety is often nice as each Condo has its own uniqueness!

NOTE: You can conveniently achieve above example using our new On-line Reservation Request System to make two (back-to-backReservation Request. Use the following procedure: 

  1. Enter Arrival Date and Nights actually wanted by one less, then two less, then 3 less .... until available Condo's appear; 
  2. Jot down your Condo choice from those available;  
  3. Enter a new Arrival Date (being Departure Date from step 1 above), and balance of Nights wanted, and jot down choice of Condo available; and 
  4. Using your notes, immediately perform both Reservation Request.  In the Comments section indicate: "This is a back-to-back Reservation Request".

COMMENT: Only consequence of a "back-to-back" Booking is each Condo, being individualy owned, must be per our Weekly & Nightly Rate Schedule for nights spent in each Condo (unless qualifying for a discount). 



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